upsc sociology syllabus pdf

upsc sociology syllabus pdf
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upsc sociology syllabus pdf

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UPSC Syllabus 2021 PDF

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UPSC Syllabus 2022 PDF

ba llb notes for 1st sem sociology

Sociology notes

1. Society

Q.1. Describe the meaning and characteristics of society.

Q.2. Explain-“Society. involves both likeness and difference.”

Q.3. Write the Influence of west on Indian society.

Q.4. What is the meaning of society write the difference between human society and animal society?

2. Community

Q.1. What is a community? What are the essential, elements of a community and association? Distinguish between community and association.

Q.2. Examine the nature of community sentiment and show its significance in the modern world.

upsc sociology syllabus pdf
upsc sociology syllabus pdf

3. Social Groups

Q.1. Give the definition and classification of social groups.

Q. 2 Classify Groups and mention the chief characteristics of group life.

Q.3. Write a short note, on-Primary Group.

Q.4. Secondary Groups represent that ‘Cold World’ into which persons in the rural community always thought of their young people going when they leave home. Why? Distinguish between Primary and Secondary Groups.

4. Institutions

Q.1. Explain the definition, characteristics and importance of institutions.

5. Marriage

Q.1 Define marriage and trade stages of its evolution.

Q.2. Write short not on (i) Hypergamy (ii) Polygamy (iii) Polyandry.

Q.3. Write short note on Endogamy.

Q.4. Write the impact of Westernization on the institution of marriages.


Q. 1. Critically discuss the main theories of the origin of the family.

Q.2. What are the forms of a family? Distinguish between the Matriarchal and Patriarchal families.

Q.3. What is a family? Describe its essential

Q. 4. What is the function of the ‘Family’ in society Describe its major-forms?

Q.5. Explain how the family is the primary and fundamental unit of society.

Q.6. Wlat agencies are performing the function of the family in modern times?

Q.7. Write a note on the disorganization of the modern family.

Q.8. Discuss the changing role of the family.

Q.9. What are the new problems confronting family? What are its causes? What is the future of the family?

Q.10. Define joint family and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

7. Kinship

Q. 1. Discuss the meaning and kinds of kinship.

Q. 2. Explain the meaning of. avoidance. and joking relationship.

8. Economic institutions

Q.1. What is economics? institutions of capitalism? Analyze their- social results with special reference to


9. Political Institutions

Q. 1. Give a brief account of the Political Institutions

on the basis of Arthashastra.

Q: 2. Discuss the organic theory of the State.

10. Religion Institutions

Q.1. What is religion? What are its social functions?

Q.2. Write a short note on Primitive Religion.

Q.3.Describe the religious beliefs and practices of Primitive people. Discuss the role of religion in primitive social life.

11. Educational Institutions

Q.1.What do you mean about Education? What are its
various aims and forms?

Q.2. Give in brief, the definitions of education as given by various Indian thinkers and philosophers.

Q.3. Give a brief description of the form and nature of education. Discuss whether education is Science or Art.

Q.4.what are the functions of education Institutions? What is its aim in human life?


12. Social System

Q.1. what is meant by the social system? Discuss its main characteristics. What are the essential elements of the social system?

13. Law

Q.1. What do you mean by law? What is its nature? What are the various types and sources of law?

Q.2. What is the difference and relationship between law and morality? what role does law play as a system of society?

14. Structure and Social Function

Q.1. Explain the meaning of Social Structure.

Q.2. Define social structure. Discuss its general characteristics as analyzed by Radcliffe-Brown.

Q.3. Discuss the importance of the concept of social structure in sociological studies.

Q.4. Trace the evolution of the concept of social structure.

Q.5. Has religion any social functions? Discuss.

Q.6. Define. social function and explain its meaning. Distinguish between Manifest and latent functions.


15. Caste

Q.1. “Caste is a closed clan.” Discuss.

Q.2. What do you mean by Dominant Caste? Explain it.

Q3. What is the impact of secularization on the caste system?
Q.4. Analyze the evils of casteism. Suggest remedies. What is Casteism?

Q.5. Critically discuss various theories of the origin of the Caste System.

Q.6. Define caste and describe its characteristics.

Q.7. Distinguish between caste and class.

16. Tribe

Q.1. Describe the nature and characteristics of a Tribe. Distinguish between tribe and horde.
Q.2. What is a tribe? What are its chief characteristics? Distinguish it from horde and caste.

Q.3. What are the scheduled tribes? What is the official policy towards them? Discuss their difficulties.

Q.4. Differentiate between Caste and Tribe. Is it possible for a tribe to caste?

Q.5. What are the main problems of tribes in India? Suggest measures of welfare.

Q.6. Describe briefly the methods of acquiring mates in Indian Tribes.
What are the ways of selecting a mate in tribal India?

Q.7. Discuss the status of women in Indian tribal society.

17. Traditional

Q. 1. What is Culture? What are its characteristics?
Q 2. Define and classify social norms and show their importance.
Q.3. Write short notes on
(1) Folkways, and (2). Mores.
Q.4. What is custom? What is its importance?

Q.5. What is tradition? Distinguish it from custom and elaborate its importance.

18.Village Panchayat

Q.1. Discuss the forms and consequences of interaction of the old Social system with the new in the Village Panchayats.
Q.2.Critically examine the function of Village Panchayats in rural India. How far they can be true agencies in the establishment of the Village Republic in present-day condition?

Q.3. Trace the factors of development of the Village Community.


19. Social Stratification(Sociology notes)

Q.1. Define ‘social stratification’ and critically examine the view that Marx has “oversimplified the structure of stratification by reducing it to one factor, control of the means of production.”

Q  .2. What is the reality about Social Evolution? Explain the concept with special reference to anyone example.

20. Social Status and Role

Q.1. Explain the concept of social status. How is it determined?

Q.2. What is social status? What is its importance?

Q.3. Write a short note on the Concept of Role.

Q.4. Write a short note on-Role and Status.

Q.5. Define the role and bring out the different criteria of role differentiation in society.

21. Explain the Functions of Role differentiation. Socialization

Q.1. Explain the concept of socialization. How does the process of socialization operate? What are the agencies of socialization?

Q.2. What are the main theories of socialization? Discuss in brief.

Q.3. What do you mean by Socialisation? Discuss the process and agencies of socialization.
Q.4. What do you mean by Social Change? Explain the main factors that bring about social change.

Q.5. Discuss the determinants of social mobility.

22. Social Control(Sociology notes)

Q.1. What is social control? Discuss its types.
Q.2. Discuss various means of social control.



Sociology Notes


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