Yash Upadhyay of NIT Hamirpur Selected for BTech NYUAD Hackathon 2024

Yash Upadhyay of NIT Hamirpur
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Yash Upadhyay, a BTech student from the Physics and Photonics Sciences department at NIT Hamirpur, has been selected to participate in the BTech NYUAD Hackathon 2024 at New York University Abu Dhabi, as announced by officials on Monday.

Scheduled to take place from April 25 to 28, this hackathon will center around quantum computing and address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at fostering social well-being, according to the officials.

During the event, expert teams will mentor the participating students, focusing on areas such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through special discussions.

A hackathon is a collaborative coding event where computer programmers and enthusiasts gather to innovate and improve existing software or develop new programs.

The hackathon will delve into solutions related to quantum computing, chemistry, computer science, healthcare, mathematics, climate change, online gaming, security, social sciences, and art, as highlighted by a spokesperson from NIT Hamirpur.

Professor HM Suryavanshi, Director of the National Institute of Technology, and Registrar Archana Santosh Nanoti have extended their congratulations to Yash Upadhyay for his remarkable achievement.

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