Ba llb 2nd semester international relations notes pdf

Ba llb 2nd semester international relations notes pdf
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Ba llb 2nd semester international relations notes pdf

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 Define the term ‘international relations” and dwell upon the chief methods applied to it for its study as an academic discipline.
Ans. Definition
1. Palmer and Perskins. “The study of international relations  is not a science with which ,we solve the problems of international life. At its best it is an objective and systematic approach to those problems.”

2. President Wilson. “Open coventants of peach openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private international understandings of any kind, diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public ‘view.” Thus demand for open diplomacy heralded the birth of a new science of International Relations. The study of International Relations as a systematic discipline started after the First World War.

Ba llb 2nd semester international relations notes pdf
Ba llb 2nd semester international relations notes pdf

3. Narrow Definition. The term international relations has been interpreted and defined in two senses-narrow and broad.ln the narrow sense it is confined to the study of “official relations conducted by authorized leaders of the State.” According to Prof. Dunn, basic concepts of international relations pdf are “the actual relations that take place across national boundaries or as the body of knowledge where we have o those relations at a given time:’ The relations between businessmen, scientists, etc., of the various countries are excluded from the scope of international relations by emphasizing official relations.

4. Hartmann. In the broader sense international relations include “all intercourse among slates and all movements of people, goods and ideas across national frontiers. However, as an field of study its focus is on the processes by which stales adjust their national interests to those of other states.”

5. Stanely Hoffmann. ‘The discipline of international relations is concerned with the factors and activities which affect the external  policies and the power of the basic units into which the world is divided.”

6. Trygve Mathiesen. International relations embrace “all kinds  of relations traversing state boundaries, no matter whether they are of an economic, legal, political or any other character, whether they be private or official”, and “all human behaviour originating on one side of state boundary and affecting human behaviour on the other side of the boundary.” While it cannot be denied that the relations conducted by the sovereign states are most important and the political relations tend to dominate this field of study, certain other important groups also influence the interactions of the sovereign states.


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