BA 1st year political science notes in English PDF

BA 1st year Political Science syllabus 2021
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BA 1st year political science notes in English PDF

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In this post you will read BA 1st year political science notes in English

All topics wise notes you will find easily

B.A.LL.B. I Year, I semester

Easy and understandable language has been knowingly used for the convenience of the students but no standard term has been missed.

Each Chapter has enormous detailed or long questions which will prove very helpful in the examination.

However, suggestions for improvement will be gratefully acknowledged.

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Political Theory


Definition, Nature and Scope of political Science

and it’s relevance to Law.

Concept Of State- The State and its elements.

Distinction between state. Society and Government.

Theories of Origin, Nature and Functions of state.


Major Political Ideologies-Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism,Utilitarianism, Gandhism and Sarvodya.

Sovereignty-Concept of Political and Legal Sovereignty.


The concept of power, Authority and Legitimacy.

Liberty, its meaning and kinds, Liberty and Equality, Liberty and Law, Safeguards of Liberty.


Organization of Government-Democracy, Dictatorship and Military Rule.

Unitary and Federal System.

Parliamentary and Presidential form of Government.


Organs of Government-Legislature , Executive and Judiciary.

The Doctrine of Separation of Powers.

Concept of Representation; Public Opinion and Political Participations.


BA 1st year political science notes in English PDF

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