Communication is regarded as the basic skill of Management as it is an essential part of everything the business manager does

Only sending a message is not communicating. It is not One Way Street.  It is a two-way affair. For communication to take place the message must  be received by one whom it is meant.

It is clear that communication is a transfer of information meaning and understanding from one person to another.

The beginning of all the communication is an idea it must be clearly formulated in the mind of the sender.

The essence of good communication the essence of good communication can be explained with the help of the following for Communication Skills

(1)Correctness:  In the modern business environment, business  communication leads to expensive operations. The transmitter should be  sure that he is transmitting correct facts incorrect language.

(2) clarity: Any communication to be completed must be understood by the receiver and  in response to that his views, ideas, and opinion are transmitted.

(3) conciseness: transmission of maximum information by using a minimum of words should be the sender’s aim in letter writing.

(4) courtesy: courtesy is like the oil removes friction, it makes life smooth helps win friends. It is the inseparable companion of virtue.